Downloadable Optics Tools
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Table of Video Formats
Design data for a variety of video imager and display formats

vidformat.xls: display    download

Table of Wavelengths
Spectral line and laser wavelengths gathered informally

wavlngts.xls: display    download

USAF 1951 Test Chart
A useful resolution target you can print out. You must measure bar widths to determine the resolution of your optical system.

USAF1951cropped.jpg: display    download

EIA 1956 Resolution Chart
A useful resolution target you can print out

EIA_1956_resolution_chart.pdf: open

Sag Calculator
Calculates sag values for any radial interval for spherical surfaces or 8th-order aspheres

sag_calculator.xls: display    download

Table of White and Black Reflectivities
Spectral reflectivities for many special high- and low-reflectivity coatings

wht_blk.xls: display    download

Table of Filter Transmissions
Spectral filter transmissions for many common commercial filter glasses

filts.xls: display    download

Table of Indeces of Refraction
Spectral indeces for many common materials

N.xls: display    download

Zemax Non-Sequential Method of Regional Optimization on Many Variables
...which solves some Zemax problems with Global Optimization download